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Dokta Whawee

Doom EX (My first public mod)

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Posted (edited)

I had an idea which hatched from a conversation between me and my brother.


We were talking about Doom maps, and I brought up the fact that the console versions of Doom had some exclusive levels, and that there was no real port of them to the PC.


Well, I was wrong.


Someone did import the console exclusive levels.


But there was no mod which would truly impliment them into the game. Sure, they were there, but they weren't accessible through normal means.


And, that got me thinking. And soon, I was modding.


I got the console exclusive levels, and implimented them into my mod. At first, I intended for the mod to do nothing but implement a "MAPINFO" for some of the levels so that they could be played through normally, without having to use the "IDCLEV" cheat.


But that was when I got thinking...


Perhaps that wasn't enough.


At that point, I was basically stealing, which isn't right. So, I needed an idea which would make my mod more original.


That was when another idea came up: A version in which every secret was accessible through normal means. So, no having to use "IDCLIP" in order to get the secrets that the devs never patched up.


This always bugged me as a completionist...


And then, one last idea came into the fray: The unused music.


Doom had quite a bit of unused music, and I felt that the Console exclusive levels could use some of them.


Also, the "Thy Flesh Consumed" maps would have their own music files, and their own intermission screen. The intermission screen I got from "thyinterpic.wad".


So, this was my mod idea. If you wanted to play some classic Doom in order to celebrate the 25th anniversary, or if you just wanted play the game in a slightly different way, this mod is for you.


What do you all think of this idea? Should I release it to the public? Or should I just let it alone on my hard drive?


Thanks for all the help!


P.S. No, I didn't include all of the Doom Maps, because uploading all maps with no changes would be piracy. You still need to run Doom 1 as an IWAD. While a few of the official levels are there, they have been modified solely so you can access the Console Exclusive levels (They are secret levels). I will also give credit to the modders whose content I borrowed from.

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