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FUNGUS: Monsters and mild hallucinogens

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Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5d7mg6kyvljqe6g/FUNGUS.WAD


- Singleplayer, GZDoom. Skill levels implemented.
- Space and underground themes. New textures.

- Gameplay and encounter focused


A new map based on some ideas I had for different encounters, centered on a concept of fighting monsters on a distant planet infested with a mind-altering fungus.

The map includes new textures, music, and a brief storyline. It started as a vanilla wad but I converted to GZDoom format about halfway through, so it plays mostly as a vanilla wad would.


I hope you enjoy the map. Feedback that would help improve future maps is always appreciated.



If you find the puzzle sucks, let me know. I tried to create something that would break up the action but not take so long that it became boring. It's hard to tell if it was successful.


Solution: In all 3 worlds, make the marked I, II and III movable platforms the same height, and make sure III is higher than II and II is higher than I.







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I'm gonna try to make some time later to test this for you, but on the good chance I continue to procrastinate and forget, hopefully this bump will get you some. Looks nice, and "gameplay and encounter focused" sounds like a good start to me :D

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