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Rails of Doom

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Posted (edited)


I am new member here and i speak English bad, so excuse me )


This is a game in a form of presentation. The type of game is a rail shooter with some elements of puzzle. Here is 1 level, of course i can make more if there is any reason to do it. Use your Left Mouse Button and nothing else. I think I turned off any possibility to use any buttons except LMB and Esc, but I'm not sure about saving this settings when you will play.


Do not use Google presentation, you will see only terrible chaos on your screen ) 

Presentation was created by Microsoft Office Power Point 2013 and it is strongly recommended for playing (for example, Power Point 2007 crashed after few seconds because it seems this version of PP doesn't support GIF's).










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Posted (edited)

Hey, glad to see you on the Doomworld forums!


P.S.: Только русские используют скобки в качестве выражения эмоций, за рубежом их не понимают в силу культурного барьера. Палево, короче)))

[ Only russians uses ")" instead of ":)" due to english speaking users never got "problems" with ":" symbol. LoL (((: ]

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