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How do you delete things in Doom Builder 2?


So I have been trying to find an answer in the internet but I could not find a single one anywhere. So I have a question, how do you delete a thing in Doom Builder 2? I sometimes make mistakes on enemy or item placement and I kind of want of to delete them but I can't.

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Welcome to Doomworld! 

So to delete Things, go into "thing" mode (T) and select the things you want to delete and then press the delete key on your keyboard. Delete tends to get used often so i have it assigned to a button on my mouse. 

Hope this helps.


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For GZDB or GZDBBF, you can drag a selection box to delete multiple things at one time. For more precise selection, hold left shift.

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If you want to delete only 1 thing and you have nothing else selected, just hover mouse onto the thing and press delete, no need to click it to select it.

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