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Mike Anderson

Trying to get Dhewm3 to run in linux

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Alright, so after a couple of nights of trying, I've finally succeeded in compiling Dhewm3 and getting it to boot up in Ubuntu (18.04).   But when I try to start a new game, It comes up with this:


ERROR: Function 'map_marscity1::main' not found in script for 'call' key on worldspawn

And before then, error messages like this pop up:


WARNING: base path '/usr/local/share/dhewm3' does not exist
WARNING: file materials/shaderdemo.mtr, line 106: material '_default' previously defined at materials/default.mtr:1

And when I go to multiplayer, the server list is completely empty, whereas on Windows, there's a pretty good chance that I'll see a small handful of people still playing Doom 3 online.


So, anyone else face this same problem?

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Are you talking about the comments below?  The link is just talking about the various Doom 3 source ports that exist.  Not necessarily my problem specifically.

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About the whole site, i thought that there will be something that can help you.

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Finally got it to run after purging all copies of Dhewm3 from my system and installed the package.  If I knew that there were packages, I would have used them sooner, it's much easier than compiling.

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