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Officer D

Doom Exp [Gameplay Mod]

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    A SP GZDoom Mod

Trailer :

Older Trailers:




A xp/rank/reward/mobility modification with visual/sound/text notifications. - Custom "Doom Exp Settings" menu - Improved Sounds & effects - Improved mobility - More Gore - etc




Get the mod here:





Separate (.ogg) music pack:







Doom Exp
Mod Type: Gameplay, Singleplayer Xp Rank/Reward System
Source Port: GZDoom (Tested on version 4.1.2)
Author: David 'Officer D' J.
Build Time : 1st release 1-2 weeks, still going to this date
Final Release : There is always room for improvment
Programs Used: Slade3, Gimp 2.8, Audacity


Credit goes to the following :
Title Screen Background - AUTHORS VALENRISRROCK


The Doom Slayer Mugshot - AUTHOR Xtor98


Shoulder Flamethrower by karanak (sprite edit by a90doomguy)


Doom Blade and Crucible Sword - collaboration of a90doomguy and Officer D


Steve's Flashlight Mod


Weapon Sway by Nash Muhandes


Menu Select Icon taken from Stomper - by Nmn


(Hud Visor Overlay/ some sounds / some code) from Project MSX - by MagSigmaX


Title Song - Oats Studios Volume 1 Soundtrack - by Lorne Balfe


Intermission Song - Deadpool 2 - You Can't Stop this Mother F***** - by Tyler Bates


Status Report Big Font - AUTHOR Jimmy / id Software
ZDoom 2012 Big - Jimmy


belmondo_tracers.pk3 - AUTHOR: (DENIS) BELMONDO - Tracers for hitscan monsters


jp_mobility addons - AUTHOR: JPALOMO/JetPlane - Jump Boost, grapple hook, slide, lock-on


555ranksystemv1.pk3 - AUTHOR: LOISMUSTDIE555 - Base of the xp rank system


guncaster.pk3 - AUTHOR: PILLOWBLASTER - Background icon art for indicators


Slide mechanic was extracted from High Noon Drifter which was originally from the JPmobility mod


Brutal Kick was extracted by The Zombie Killer


Dual Pistols taken from Kippykip's wad
Dual Pistol Sprites by JoeyTD


Pyro Demon
Decorate: Maelstrom
GLDEFs: Dreadopp, Sandypaper (Brightmaps)
Sounds: Id Software, Monolith Games
Sprites: Id Software
Sprite Edit: Eriance, Maelstrom
Idea Base: Archon of Hell by Eriance


Submitted: Ozymandias81
Decorate: DeVloek, Ozymandias81
GLDefs: Ozymandias81
Sounds: 3DRealms, FreeRadical Design, Eriance
Sprites: yuraofthehairfan, zrrion the insect, Eriance
Sprite Edit: Ozymandias81
Idea Base: An hellish simple variant Volacubi-like monster for Doom


Aracnorb Queen
Decorate: Yuraofthehairfan, MagicWazard
GLDEFs: Dreadopp, MagicWazard, Graf Zahl
Sounds: (edits), id Software, 3DRealms (Electro Gun sound), Monolith Producties
Sprites: id Software, 3DRealms (Electro Gun sprite), Jimmy, Beaublen (Thamuz BFG Projectile), Jimmy91
Idea Base: Duke Nukem 3D Octabrain, Jimmy91's Aracnorb


Archon Of Hell
Code: Eriance, Ghastly Dragon (ZScript conversion)
GLDefs: Ghastly Dragon, Sandypaper (Brightmaps)
Sounds: Id Software, Eriance
Sprites: Id Software, Midway, Eriance
Sprite Edit: Eriance
Idea Base: Hellstorm Archon of Hell


Imp Trite
Submitted: Tormentor667
Decorate: Neoworm
Sounds: Id Software
Sprites: Id Software
Sprite Edit: Neoworm


Submitted: Eriance
Decorate: Eriance, Blue Shadow (corpse behavior)
GLDEFs: Keksdose, Sandypaper (Brightmaps)
Sounds: Id Software
Sprites: Eriance
Idea Base: Quake


Decorate: Eriance, Blue Shadow, MagicWazard
GLDefs: Eriance, Dreadopp, Ghastly Dragon, Keksdose, MagicWazard
Sounds: Eriance
Sprites: Eriance


Decorate: DBThanatos
GLDEFs: Dreadopp, Virtue (Brightmaps)
Sounds: Blizzard (Diablo)
Sprites: Id Software
Sprite Edit: Jimmy


Zombie Fodder
Submitted: Horror Movie Guy
Decorate: Horror Movie Guy
Sounds: id Software, Raven Software
Sprites: Vader, Raven Software
Sprite Edit: Finalizer, Horror Movie Guy
Idea Base: Classic movie zombie, Doom 4's "possessed" enemy, Quake's Zombie


Machinegun Zombie
Code: Skelegant, Ghastly (ZScript conversion)
GLDefs: Skelegant
Sounds: Id software, Skelegant
Sprites: Id software
Sprite Edit: Skelegant, David G.
Idea Base: The alpha machinegun


Rifle Zombieman
Submitted: Skelegant
Decorate: Skelegant
GLDefs: Skelegant
Sounds: id Software, Skelegant, Valve Software
Sprites: id Software, David G.
Sprite Edit: Skelegant, David G.
Idea Base: Alpha rifle (plus those armour bonuses had to have come from somewhere)


StarCraft II - Rank icons


K0RP53's Smooth Weapons - by K0RP53


Doomterrains - Terrain splash effects for Doom flats - by MagicWazard


Simple UI Add-ons - by Tekish


Breakable Props taken from Doom Enhanced mod - by Kinsie


DBT Blood from DBThanato's D4T mod - by DoodGuy


Fading Corpses Code - by Beed28


Footstep sounds - by The Zombie Killer


Cacodemon Gib sprites - by Sergeant_Mark_IV


Winged Baron sprites - ripped from rebirth.wad by Björn Ostmann


Berserk Sphere - by Dreadopp


Electroblast (Electrogun) for Plasmagun - by Xim, Jimmy Beaubien & Ravage
Sounds: Monolith Productions


(Invulernability) Shrink Sphere - by Captain Toenail


Rage Sphere (FireSphere) - by Captain Toenail


Killcombo Announcer - by Gezzdt


Sounds Taken from :
Super Mario


Sonic the Hedgehog


Final Fantasy VII




Unreal Tournament - Epic Games


Doom 4 For Doom


War of Worlds - Walker sound


Particle Fire Enhancer Mod - AUTHOR Z86


Doom Upgraded - AUTHOR Unknown


Skulltag 98d Announcer


Flamethrower Sounds: Eriance, Raven Software


Many sounds taken from Id Software games and some youtube royalty free sounds


Copyright and permissions:
You are NOT allowed to market the mod commercially in any way. Feel free to edit or share this
mod as you please. I would be greatful for any type of credit towards myself (Officer D) when sharing or editing ;)

id Software

Bethesda Softworks® LLC / Bethesda Game Studios® / Bethesda Studios Montréal Inc.
Bethesda, Bethesda Softworks and Bethesda Game Studios and their respective logos are registered trademarks of ZeniMax Media Inc. in the U.S.

and/or other countries. All Rights Reserved.

Bethesda.net™ is a trademark of ZeniMax Media Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. All Rights Reserved.

id® Software LLC


Edited by Officer D

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Update : Doom Exp v1.1 released


changelog :

  • Fixed issue with one of the text messages overlapping with another, when receiving multiple rewards.
  • Added Option to turn On/Off xp sound efx
  • Added Intro/Intermission Art
  • Added Intro/Intermission Music


Edited by Officer D

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Update : Doom Exp v1.2a released


changelog 1.2a :

  • Fixed issue with bleeding items when shot
  • New rank up sound
  • Most monsters now always get stunned with hook


Update : Doom Exp v1.2 released


changelog :

  • Added many new sounds
  • Added shotgun grapple hook, kind of like Doom Eternal does it
  • Added option to control xp gain (reduce rank up speed for slaughter maps)
  • Added DoomSlayer mugshot by Xtor98
Edited by Officer D

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Update : Doom Exp v1.2b

changelog :

  • The shotgun hook will be an unlock-able upgrade now that you get at the rank of 10000xp.
  • Furthermore the hook stun pain chances have been balanced. Since you could pretty much exploit some monster with the stun of the grapple hook. Now monsters like Cyberdemon, Spidermastermind, Arch Vile and Revenant will not always get stunned. It's more of a 50/50 chance.
  • The Shotgun hook upgrade will be visible as a new icon a2xL9oW.png
  • Also Damage indicator icon was replaced with this B9aA3hB.png


Small Update:


  • There now is a delay for the shotgun hook use. Since you could pretty much spam it before. So now there is a 2-3 second cool-down before you can use it again.
  • Also new sounds have been added the the grapple hook.


Updates Doom Exp v1.2c


  • The grapple hook now stops momentum for a second to give the illusion being attached to the weapon. Before you could move away from the chain which just looked weird.
Edited by Officer D

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Indeed that would be the case. However, while the quad upgrade takes away the double damage, the double damage does not take away the quad damage. So you would actually end up having 6x damage after reaching the 50%. There isn't any indicator currently tho that would tell you this. Something to add on the to-do list.

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Doom Eternal XP - Version 1.5g





Doom Eternal v1.5g updates:

  • Mainly the shoulder flamethrower has been added. Rank 12 unlocks the upgrade
  • The HUD autofit didn't use the scalefactor 1. It now should hopefully work properly
  • Menu new keybind and descriptions

Be sure to bind the flamethrower key in Doom Exp Settings!




Menu "Xp Giver" added.

It defines how much xp is rewarded for killing monsters:

  • Normal - Designed for full 32 map megawads
  • High - Designed for small mapsets or single maps
  • Low - Designed for slaughtermaps

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Really love the gore system and the flamethrower, looking forward to this update. Man, I must've seen half a dozen updates on ModDb hehe, been following this mod for the last couple months, really turning out great!

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Posted (edited)


Doom Eternal Xp 1.6 - News


Doom Eternal XP v1.6 updates:

  • FireSphere added (You are immune to fire and inflict fear upon your enemies)
  • Crucible added (A final rank upgrade that grants you 3 strikes before it will need to recharge again and it will pretty much one shot anything)
  • Rocketlauncher now has a visual upgrade for the triple rockets and new sounds
  • Monster will now randomly drop loot when killed
  • Flamethower has unlimited ammo but therefor a cool-down time
  • ArchVile will summon flames all around him like in Doom Eternal


Doom Eternal XP v1.6a updates:

  • All weapons except for melee, now come with their own custom crosshairs
  • Both shotgun weapon sprites have been edited with a visual grapple hook attachment
  • The SSG alt fire animation has been changed
  • Weapon sway by Nash Muhandes has been implemented into the mod
  • A rare chance that zombiemen, shotgunguys, wolfensteinss and cacodemons have a embarrassing death



Super Shotgun /w Grapple Hook

Once the upgrade is achieved, the Shotgun and SSG will be replaced with edited sprite versions.





This new power up has a bunch of features. This and the BerserkerSphere both drastically increase the chances of performing style bonus kills with the Doom Blade. It also gives the player +100HP and 200 Armor. With it you no longer take damage from your own flamethrower flames or the Arch Vile flames it summon around himself. It also makes Monsters afraid of you, meaning they will try and move away from wherever you are.



Doom Blade

The Doom Blade attachment now has 2 different attacks. One being a form of stab and the other a slash. The slash will deal slightly more damage. It is very rare to get a style kill with it and doesn't really do much damage without having either the double damage or Berserk. But once you have those two upgrades this weapon will become a demon slicing killing machine.







Edited by Officer D

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Posted (edited)



Doom Eternal Xp 1.7 - News


Doom Eternal Xp v1.7 updates:

  • Dual pistols upgrade added. Alt fire switches between weapons.
  • Shotgun spread reduced.
  • Highly reduced ammo drops for killing monsters.
  • Ammo capacity upgrade amount reduced.
  • Random mini-boss encounters added.
  • Every 5 ranks you get a +25 permanent health upgrade.
  • Price for loot drops adjusted to ranks. Drops will get more expensive but also give better items.




Here is the info screen since some people don't seem to know about the in-game F1 help screen. It will show you what certain icons mean and when level rewards are received.



Doom Eternal Xp v1.6d updates:

  • Buy feature enhanced. Higher ranks give better drops but will also cost more.
  • Speedometer added.
  • Small flames no longer do damage.
  • Arch Vile glitch with railgun attacks fixed. (Arch Vile wouldn't take much damage)
  • Script clean ups.

Doom Eternal Xp v1.6c updates:

  • You can now buy random itmes for 500xp.
  • BFG alt fire reworked to be more balanced.
  • Plasmarifle alt fire will now always gib enemies.
  • New HUD font for Health,Armor and Ammo.
  • BFG alt fire and rockets spawn flames on impact.
  • Plasmarifle impacts now do shock damage with a chance to stun monsters.
  • Minor fixes and changes on lighting and monster decorate.

Doom Eternal Xp v1.6b updates:

  • Some cool GL lighting has been applied to projectiles.
  • The 2nd Style Bonus Kill on the Zombieman which cuts him in half, has been impoved to look better.
  • Alt fire on Chaingun uses 10 bullets instead of 5 to compensate the high damage output.
  • Thx to C.Blacktoe for pointing out a glitch I thought I had fixed. Using Blade/Kick on exit shouldn't break your weapon selction anymore.



Doom Eternal Xp v1.6a updates:

  • All weapons except for melee, now come with their own custom crosshairs.
  • Both shotgun weapon sprites have been edited with a visual grapple hook attachment.
  • The SSG alt fire animation has been changed.
  • Weapon sway by Nash Muhandes has been implemented into the mod.
  • A rare chance that zombiemen, shotgunguys, wolfensteinss and cacodemons have a embarrassing death.


Edited by Officer D

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Posted (edited)


Doom Eternal Xp 1.7 - Updates




PC Gamer wrote an article on my mod which I though was pretty cool and maybe worth mentioning.


Doom Eternal Xp v1.7a updates:

  • Fixed bug where Cacodemons didn't give xp for killing them.
  • The Buy Loot drops have been re-balanced. Higher chance for ammo rather than power-ups.
  • Chaingunners, Arachnotrons and Teleporting have new sounds.
  • New Monsters are now included.

DCYBA1.png.a377a8d71119598fe8630732f040de1f.pngOVERA1.png.ea16013d2bca4e8c5ba37bef7c9ea116.png  ARNQA1.png.4dd6b4f29deeb520c821378227ff5d4f.png  PYROA1C1.png.7d23ef1f6b10b25fd385fb57cbd8cb7a.png  BOS4A1C1.png.c4130afa60d2eb397c14f7eaf3b60a52.png  UNMBA1.png.0183c6cb9f4135f67acde2a499459742.png  WICKI1.png.15a542753309fa9e7d0565fb0bcdff85.pngZFODA1.png.a0cc5248eaa446135e33da83e69249b4.png  IMHDA1.png.9ed43054c60a8b0f0ed4991b51548721.png


Doom Eternal Xp v1.7b updates:

  • Chaingunguy and Shotgunguy have a 50% chance being replaced with new enemies.
  • The Chaingun has been buffed and given a new firing mechanic.
  • Info text on starting map. Can also be disabled in Doom Exp - Hud settings.
  • Scaling for some of the replacements monsters fixed to avoid getting stuck.


Doom Eternal Xp v1.7c updates:

  • Chaingun spin-up time has been reduced.
  • 2 New monsters, Thamus and Haedexebus.
  • Fire Chainsaw added.
  • Option to disable custom crosshair.
  • Bug fix with some bosses not giving xp.

1CSAW.gif.a465f988ef4c390ebc6b25237b216669.gif  FSAW1.gif.3d304c1b4245a2402ae4f83021f182b9.gif  BLSAw.gif.4acb11c376994d6a50cc022893b05e40.gif



Doom Eternal Xp v1.7d updates:

  • Bug fixed were some gibbed monsters didn't give xp.
  • Bug fixed with chainsaw altfire not draining fuel on boss monsters.
  • Many other minor bugs regarding monster states and the rank system hopefully fixed.
  • All new lootbox rewards for getting completionist bonus.
  • Boss monsters have a rare chance of dropping a lootbox too.
  • Ammo factor has been reduced to half for pickups.



Download url in first post over at Moddb 👌



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Did you repost this over at ZDoom too?

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Nope. So far this is only mentioned on Moddb, Doomworld and occasionally on the facebook group.

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Posted (edited)


Doom Eternal Xp 1.8 - Updates




PC Gamer is at it again and wrote another article on my mod.



Sphere Info:

  • BlueSphere: This is basically partial invisibility but Revenants rockets aren't able to lock on to you.
  • InvulnerabilitySphere: Projectiles bounce off of you and will damage other monsters.
  • FireSphere: Adds 200 armor and a +100Hp boost. You are immune to fire damage caused by the Arch Vile and your own flamethrower. You also won't take damage from damaging floors.
  • BerserkSphere: +100HP boost. Having this will make your Doom Blade a vicious demons slaying tool.
  • DogSphere: A usable inventory item that will spawn the companion dog.



Doom Eternal Xp v1.8 updates:

  • LootBox now gives XP
  • Ammo pickups amount reduced by 25% less than normal
  • Big Bosses have 50% chance to drop a lootbox
  • Higher chance of lootbox spawning with goodies
  • Chainsaw altfire kills drop more loot
  • Doggy companion added
  • Blursphere will randomly choose between itself, dog companion or berserk
  • Doggy On/Off option added in settings
  • Bug fixed where Mancubus wouldn't drop loot with chansaw alt kill.
  • Fixed issue with "Player Rest" option not taking everything
  • Added Fuel counter to ammo info

Fuel in Ammo info:

It will be easier to keep track of your fuel without having to switch to the weapon.



Dog Companion:

If On there will be a chance for the Blursphere to get replaced with the Dogsphere. The companion dog will follow you through levels if still alive. There is a chance for lootboxes to drop the companions or buy using the buy loot feature.




Your trusted sidekick and best friend, will sit and heel at your command and he loves when you pet him. Try not to get him killed or kill him by accident.



Doom Eternal Xp v1.8a updates:

  • Killing monsters with the chainsaw altfire now uses 100 per hit.
  • Dog companion can be called with a whistle keybind.
  • Dog can be petted (will also reset his health).
  • DogSpheres have been added to the lootbox drop chance.






Edited by Officer D

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