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Officer D

Doom Exp [Simple Rank/Reward System]

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Posted (edited)



    A SP GZDoom Mod

Trailers :




A xp/rank/reward/mobility modification with visual/sound/text notifications. - Custom "Doom Exp Settings" menu - Improved Sounds & effects - Improved mobility - More Gore - etc




Get the mod here:





Separate (.ogg) music pack:







Doom Exp

Mod Type: Singleplayer Xp Rank/Reward System
Source Port: GZDoom (Tested on version 3.7 but should work with older versions too)
Author: David 'Officer D' Jenkins
Build Time : Still ongoing
Programs Used: Slade3, Gimp 2.8, Audacity

Author contacts
email : cdave@gmx.de

Credit goes to the following :
Title Screen Background - AUTHORS VALENRISRROCK


The Doom Slayer Mugshot - AUTHOR Xtor98


Predator Mod by Endless123


Menu Select Icon taken from Stomper - by Nmn


Hud Visor Overlay from Project MSX - by MagSigmaX


Title Song - Oats Studios Volume 1 Soundtrack - by Lorne Balfe


Intermission Song - Deadpool 2 - You Can't Stop this Mother F***** - by Tyler Bates


Status Report Big Font - AUTHOR Jimmy / id Software


belmondo_tracers.pk3 - AUTHOR: (DENIS) BELMONDO - Tracers for hitscan monsters


jp_mobility addons - AUTHOR: JPALOMO/JetPlane - Jump Boost, grapple hook, slide, lock-on


555ranksystemv1.pk3 - AUTHOR: LOISMUSTDIE555 - Base of the xp rank system


guncaster.pk3 - AUTHOR: PILLOWBLASTER - Background icon art for indicators


Slide mechanic was extracted from High Noon Drifter which was originally from the JPmobility mod


Brutal Kick was extracted by The Zombie Killer


StarCraft II - Rank icons


K0RP53's Smooth Weapons - by K0RP53


Doomterrains - Terrain splash effects for Doom flats - by MagicWazard


Simple UI Add-ons - by Tekish


Breakable Props taken from Doom Enhanced mod - by Kinsie


DBT Blood from DBThanato's D4T mod - by DoodGuy


Fading Corpses Code - by Beed28


Footstep sounds - by The Zombie Killer


Cacodemon Gib sprites - by Sergeant_Mark_IV


Baron sprites - ripped from rebirth.wad by Björn Ostmann


Sounds Taken from :
Super Mario


Sonic the Hedgehog


Final Fantasy VII




Unreal Tournament - Epic Games


Doom 4 For Doom


War of Worlds - Walker sound


Particle Fire Enhancer Mod - AUTHOR Z86


Doom Upgraded - AUTHOR Unknown


Most sounds - Id Software



Copyright and permissions:
You are NOT allowed to market the mod commercially in any way. Feel free to edit or share this
mod as you please. I would be greatful for any type of credit towards myself (Officer D) when sharing or editing ;)

id Software

Bethesda Softworks® LLC / Bethesda Game Studios® / Bethesda Studios Montréal Inc.
Bethesda, Bethesda Softworks and Bethesda Game Studios and their respective logos are registered trademarks of ZeniMax Media Inc. in the U.S.

and/or other countries. All Rights Reserved.

Bethesda.net™ is a trademark of ZeniMax Media Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. All Rights Reserved.

id® Software LLC


Edited by Officer D

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Posted (edited)

Update : Doom Exp v1.1 released


changelog :

  • Fixed issue with one of the text messages overlapping with another, when receiving multiple rewards.
  • Added Option to turn On/Off xp sound efx
  • Added Intro/Intermission Art
  • Added Intro/Intermission Music


Edited by Officer D

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Posted (edited)

Update : Doom Exp v1.2a released


changelog 1.2a :

  • Fixed issue with bleeding items when shot
  • New rank up sound
  • Most monsters now always get stunned with hook


Update : Doom Exp v1.2 released


changelog :

  • Added many new sounds
  • Added shotgun grapple hook, kind of like Doom Eternal does it
  • Added option to control xp gain (reduce rank up speed for slaughter maps)
  • Added DoomSlayer mugshot by Xtor98
Edited by Officer D

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Posted (edited)

Update : Doom Exp v1.2b

changelog :

  • The shotgun hook will be an unlock-able upgrade now that you get at the rank of 10000xp.
  • Furthermore the hook stun pain chances have been balanced. Since you could pretty much exploit some monster with the stun of the grapple hook. Now monsters like Cyberdemon, Spidermastermind, Arch Vile and Revenant will not always get stunned. It's more of a 50/50 chance.
  • The Shotgun hook upgrade will be visible as a new icon a2xL9oW.png
  • Also Damage indicator icon was replaced with this B9aA3hB.png


Small Update:


  • There now is a delay for the shotgun hook use. Since you could pretty much spam it before. So now there is a 2-3 second cool-down before you can use it again.
  • Also new sounds have been added the the grapple hook.


Updates Doom Exp v1.2c


  • The grapple hook now stops momentum for a second to give the illusion being attached to the weapon. Before you could move away from the chain which just looked weird.
Edited by Officer D

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Indeed that would be the case. However, while the quad upgrade takes away the double damage, the double damage does not take away the quad damage. So you would actually end up having 6x damage after reaching the 50%. There isn't any indicator currently tho that would tell you this. Something to add on the to-do list.

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