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Blood 1 Episodes for Doom 2

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Is there a WAD which contains Blood 1 episodes (essentially the whole game Blood 1) for Doom 2?

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Posted (edited)

Not likely. (EDIT: Guess I stand corrected, lol). That's alot of work, I'd imagine, converting BUILD levels to IDTECH1; and said levels would have to be made in an advanced WAD format, probably GZDoom or such, to support the things like Slopes and Portals that the original engine doesn't allow. Its basically a full conversion. Though maybe an auto-converter exists, I wouldn't know.

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4 minutes ago, tempdecal.wad said:

ZBloody Hell, it doesn't contain all of the levels, but it includes at least 31 level ports and / or remakes.



many thanks :))

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Posted (edited)

Blood Rebirth is a WIP project that aims to both recreate and enhance the first Blood game with the power of GZDoom engine.



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