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Any good horror mods?

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Are there any good horror mods that I can play? I don't want any of that cheap jumpscare stuff because all those do is hurt my ears. What would be great is maps that feel unnerving and the monsters would be terrifying to look at. For example, horror mods that replace all the Doom enemies with mutated versions of themselves in a dark atmosphere would be interesting.


I probably was too specific when explaining this.

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I played Atmosfear. It was exactly what I was looking for... until the very end, after the level is finished. I thought I said no jumpscares.

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1 hour ago, crazyflyingdonut said:

I thought I said no jumpscares.

Instead of whining, say thanks for the on-point recommendations. Both Unloved and second City of the Damned are damn fine examples of horror Doom modding.

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ghosted 2

ghoul forest

city of damned 2


and i dont remember others xd

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Lasting Light is a Slender-themed mod that has you exploring the original Doom levels with only a lantern, and three different creatures are out to kill you. The mod works with any level, as a bonus.

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