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ZDS #571 - X-Games

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Hello ZDaemon Sessions Mini Games People,
This weekend it's time for XLAN 2018 and we will play X-Games.
This is a compilation of freaky mini games made by Tobi and friends.
Don't miss the fun!




Game Mode: Survival (1 life)
IWAD: doom2.wad (or freedoom)
PWADs: x-gamesv1 tskins1e zdsskinsv3b1 miekskins-r3
Wad url:
Maps: many
DMFLAGS: 134496484 / 33685504 / 0
Players: 50 + 50 spect slots
Skill: 3 //Ultra Violence
Deathlimit: 3 sec.
Random Maplist: yes




Date: Saturday 11th August 2018
Time: 19:30 BST
Location: XLAN server

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Usually in a pinch, googling “tskins1e.wad” in quotes will give you a WadArchive link you can use. When I know the file name but don’t know where to look, that tends to do the trick.

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