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Just watched QuakeCon - Your opinions?

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I've played DOOM 2016 over 200 hours now, only playing single player, and I still enjoy it very much, to the point where I was thinking: "How would you improve on this? Especially with only two years of development, there's no way they'd have the time to bring us something that will be equal to the impact of this game." 


Turns out I was right. The gameplay reveal looked slow, boring and very recycled. I appreciate the new movement tech that's introduced in the game but I don't know if the game will allow for quick movement. I just expected... more. Guns sound similar to each other, enemies look more goofy than an actual threat, even the battle music was worse. The music used for the teaser was awesome - where was music like it in the actual game?

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The game is going to be an iteration of its predecessor. What were you hoping for, a complete overhaul?


I think they're bringing plenty of new and interesting stuff to the table. I'm big on environments/atmosphere and it looks like they're going to be delivering a lot on that, so I'm pretty excited.

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I expect the AI in the gameplay demo to have been dumbed down so that they can better show off the new stuff. I found that several of the enemies appeared to just kinda stand in place whereas in Doom 2016, they'd be far more mobile and aggressive.


I too was a bit underwhelmed by the gun sounds, but I remember that the E3 2015 demo of Doom 2016 had underwhelming sounds compared to the release version, so I'm hoping they'll be a lot better come release.

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