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How to use PK3 Files with Doom Builder?

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If you want to make a map for a pk3, you have to make a wad with a single map in it (MAP01) and rename that wad to whatever map slot it will occupy.

You will also need to build this map outside the pk3 and add it to the archive after it's built and use the pk3 as a resource.

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So, here is where I am also not really clear about how this works. What I have read so far is that a .pk3 is nothing else than a zipped directory. If I want to add textures or music I just add those to the directory. But how does the directory structure look like? Is there some kind of default.pk3 which I could use and always modify?

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Posted (edited)

Doombuilder editors (DB2, GZDB, GZDBBF) can only establish or alter the architecture of a map. Or, in the case of GZDB or GZDBBF, also some text lumps besides scripts.


If a pwad, which you want to alter, is in the pk3 format, then you have to unzip the pk3 file first. Then load the map, from the maps folder, into the editor and add the pk3 file as resource. With Doombuilder2 you have to be aware of which format the pwad uses, as DB2 does not have a config for GZDoom maps. In which case some things will not be displayed.


However, if you want to do anything else, like add, change or remove any of the lumps within the pwad, then you have to use Slade3, which can load pk3 files directly.



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