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Custom Mugshot for .PK3


I've tried reading the ZDooM wiki to create a custom Mugshot for my custom HUD but for some reason, I can't seem to get my edited mugshot sprites to render. The default STF/DooM Marine's face is capable of being displayed but I can't seem to get my own mugshot to appear. I've tried to add a "Player.Face ***" to my player class (since it's different to the standard DooM Player Pawn). Any idea how to get my mugshot images to render?

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The line should be: Player.Face "XXX", not "Player.Face XXX", replacing the XXX with the first 3 letters of all your face graphics, which serves as the name of the mugshot.


Also, are you sure your player class is being used? I am making guesses in the dark what might be causing your mugshot to not appear.

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Reskinning may work for the most part except the amount of damage phases my custom mugshot has and the default DooM mugshot are different.

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