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Taking the name .... Eternal

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Doom 2016 was the appetiser. The tester, the guinea pig, the calibration. They plan on turning this into a full blown revived series with dlc and multiple locales and universes and i couldnt be any more excited.


But again, taking the name Doom Eternal... which struck me ever since e3, and the fact they admitted they are making a doom universe now not just a game, with multiple locations on earth, space, heaven, and hell...


and taking into account this 'leaked' (or abandoned??) codex entry from the first game re. Hayden and what the crucible will do...


"The power held within the Crucible will punish man-born and demon kin alike. It will crush the divide. It will corrupt all realms. It will create the monster. It must never be found." 

"Yet even as the Doom Slayer revels in the spoils of his war, another shall rise from the fires: a dark priest consumed by the Crucible. And even the Doom Slayer shall weep in his shadow."


Original Link:  https://www.google.com.mt/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/Doomleaks/comments/4h7wvl/campaign_more_stuff_on_doomslayer/#ampf=undefined



anyways, my huge gut feeling is basically, keeping the dlc in mind, is that hayden opens an eternal clusterf**k of intradimensional hellishness that may or may never be stopped and the doomslayer collects the crucible and has to travel across realms, maybe forever, trying to find an answer to the madness. Also... shades of d64 ending, much???

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