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E1M1: Hangar Remaster by Shot846

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Posted (edited)

I present you my GZDoom remake of E1M1 that is a mixture of classic and modern style.






My objective was to remake the map from 100% scratch using only the stock textures that was in Doom 2 and staying somewhat faithful to the original while adding small extras.  Warning: Since it has a lot of dynamic lights and 3D floors, it is quite performance heavy.


Why did I use DOOM2.WAD? - Well I don't really see a point in using DOOM.WAD


Also I got a bit carried away so I also made some custom voxels for the map. (Included in the wad)


Some areas are heavily inspired by ad_e1m1 from Arcane Dimensions mod for Quake. Special thanks to them for inspiration!


This is my first map that is released on the internet, so I seriously need some feedback please.


Features music from Evil Ducky Production.


Latest Release:



Known bugs:

- Flickering Textures (Unfixable AFAIK)

- One of the BROWN1 textures has a lowered brightness (woops)

- Sky is unchanged, because I did not want to use the old sky texture, and I could not find a better one.


What is included:

New levels : 1

Sounds : No

Music : Yes

Graphics : Kinda (Voxels)

Dehacked/BEX Patch : No

Demos : No

Other : No

Other files required : None (All Included)


Play Information:

Source Port: GZDoom

Game : Doom 2

Map # : MAP01

Single Player : Yes

Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes

Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes

Other game styles : None

Difficulty Settings : Yes (All)


Since it is a modern map, Freelook, Jumping and Crouching is allowed.


I do not plan to remake all the doom maps in a similiar style, but I also have an E3M1 Remaster almost finished, but that one was made in a different style. Coming Soon!

I hope you enjoy my map!

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That sloped floor irks me - way too steep. 

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Posted (edited)

What the hell??? that UAC logo at the right of the second image is all 3D? Damn good. At least it's faithful to the map in question.

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Very nice indeed. Everything is present and accounted for, including all the old secrets. I gave it the full shebang with HD Textures and BD21Tomtefar, it looks great:

Poor initial zombie...



Familiarity strikes as ever...



I made the mistake of trying to run across quickly for the blue armour like you do in classic though, taking a damage, lol.



Of course, I came at this from the secret exit, but went back for the screenshot.



Same here, 100%'ing it as you do in Classic.



Close-up of the UAC Voxels.

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I just played it for a bit and must say, that the detail in it is really crazy. But, I must admit, while I love some of it (the lights above the computers in eharper256's post) other detail seems a bit exzessive. It makes the map look very "full".


Great work nonetheless with some nice ideas!

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