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Question about Gzdoom VS Glboom Plus

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Hi Doomers,

I have a question about gzdoom and prboom plus....

I mainly use gzdoom so last night I tested prboom plus and also glboom plus they work great on thing I've noticed is that gzdoom just runs a lot smoother???

Its hard to explain like it feels like and looks like its running more smooth then prboom even tho prboom I have it set to uncapped framerate and the framerate is still high but it doesn't feel and look as smooth???

Is that because of the engine??

And is that's why some people like gzdoom more then prboom cause of this reason??

Anything I can do to make it AS smooth as gzdoom??

Its not the framerate tho the framerate is still in the 200-500fps is just the way it feels and looks to eye gzdoom runs much nicer and faster and smoother lol


My specs incase you wondered its AMD Ryzen 5 1500x,8gb DDR4,Radeon RX 550,Kingston SSD so nothing special certainly enough for classic doom.. And again its not the framerate or anything its the engine how they both feel and compare...

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Posted (edited)

Since it's not the framerate, I suppose the perceived smoothness is caused by better interpolation code. After all, the game still only updates 35 times per second, so as soon as your framerate gets above that, to make things smooth, the renderer needs to interpolate the position of everything to make movements seem smoother than they really are.


I don't use GLBoom+ enough to know much about its options, perhaps interpolation is simply turned off by default and you simply need to turn it on?

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