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Gorgos, the Hidden terror from beyond infinity (WIP)

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Hello everyone !


I'm tonton Mayonnaise and I'm totally new here.

For the moment I created my mods just for me and didn't share them cause I thought they were not worth it.

So Here I am with a total conversion for Doom 2 I began 6 month ago :

Gorgos, the Hidden terror from beyond infinity



In this mod, you play as a gorgos, an alien being that crashed his spaceship on earth in an american desert in 1956 ...

He's the only survivor of the crash and has been abducted by humans and kept hidden in an underground bunker ...


I've got to share it via Google drive because it's too heavy to uplaod here :



As a Gorgos you're the only living being of the galaxy able to see the X-Energy, a mysterious and marvellous energy capable of regening your health, strenghten your body, and even generate weapons ... Will you be able to escape this hidden secret facility ?


I'm working on this mod alone ... But as a total conversion it's beginning to be too hard for me.

Especially level design.

I already made 2 levels and I don't like them ... They're not really fun.

If you have any suggestion, I take :)

If you want to work with me on the mod, you're welcome !


I borrowed the work of many people (not steal ... borrowed !) and I would like to thank them ...

scalliano for the female scientist model

friendly Scientist by Skelegant

Sergeant MarkIV's brutal doom for his inspiration and code

All the team behind Wolfendoom - blade of agony

If I forgot someone, just say it, I'll  add him/her in the credits.


I made a lot of faults ... sorry english is not my native tongue ^^

cheers !

tonton Mayonnaise



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You probably want to outline more details of the mod and show some screenshots of what it does to gather more interest.

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You're absolutely right, friend ! I forgot about the pics ..; :/

Here are some caps of the first level :


trapped in an unknown place ...



Your first victim ...



his death releases a lot of x-energy ...



Recharging your weapons



Electro-Neutronized earthman scientist !


Here is a small playthrough of the first level :

Note that I didn't show secret areas in the gameplay ... almost 50% of the level is secrets to search for.


Hope those visuals help you to have a better idea about the mod I'm working on ...


I'm preparing a video too :)

cheers !

Edited by TontonMayonnaise : video added

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If you are unsure of your mapping ability, maybe you can make this a game-play mod for other maps. I would play it.

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Ok, I'm working on a version as a gameplay mod.

total conversion will be for later, I don't give up the idea :)


*** edit : ***

Here is a link to a game-play mod version (vanilla monsters, weapons and ammos replacement)

Of course it's still a WIP, pre alpha yada yada yada version, big monsters and big weapons don't have been replaced yet.



Enjoy !

Edited by TontonMayonnaise : link added

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This looks interesting. I'll be following this. are all the resources original, because they dont look familar to me? If you need help with anything or just some one to test and give a honest opinion then inbox me.

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Well, the scientists and army men models are from wolfendoom ... I modded them and added the gory parts.

I drew most of the textures ...

I'm working on a gmaeplay version for the moment, but I'd like to create maps for this mod.

Here is the version with the two maps I did :


The first one seems almost OK, but I don't like the second one anymore. I don't find it fun to play.

tell me what you think :)

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Here is a gameplay of the 2 first Doom2 levels with the "gameplay mod" of HtfbI ...



I modified some of the weapons and their effects on human beings.

As you surely don't know, Usage of X-Energy on carbon based being has strange effects ... :)

Let's see this in the video !

 cheers !

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Cool idea. From a level design perspective, I think you've focused primarily on visuals and mood/realism (which are both excellent, by the way), and less on interesting encounters and situations for the player to adapt to, which is what you're reacting to when you say the levels are "not fun." The gameplay is mostly linear and hit-scan enemies, with nonlinearity being introduced with "side rooms" that the player can explore if they want to but might skip altogether and not miss too much.


One way to get out of this mode is to entice the player into the next "area" or room by tempting them with a cool visual that makes them want to explore (maybe light up one of the government logo signs you made and put some interesting lit up computer screens nearby with text to read). Another way is to show an area with power ups or guns that is inaccessible but can be reached by checking in various doors or rooms.


Once there you have opportunities to create interesting encounters. Take an example of an operating theater with an alien being operated on in the center, and once you enter, you find the upper decks of the theater are full of human scientists, and some guards with guns who are now shooting down at you. You try to exit but an alarm sounds and guards start rushing in. You have to fight back and maybe find a vent to climb into to escape.


These kinds of situations can create interesting encounters. You'll need to expand beyond hit-scan enemies at some point if you want to go beyond "Wolfenstein-like" level design.

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Thank you for all these advices ! This is exactly the problem with my level design approach ... Too much realism and not much interesting things to explore ...

I should not focus too much on realism and more on doom-orientated levels with surprises and stuff.

(I just repeat what you just said but with other words ...) :))

I'll work in this way !

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Pretty cool, although I think it would look more authentic if the humans you defeat are vaporized or melt into a pile of ashes. The gore feels out of place. 

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Well ... Maybe.

Since I'm a child I always like to draw gore, that's why I made horrible deaths ...

But heh, you're right, it's a bit out of place. I think I could add a menu option that let the choice "sci-fi deaths" / "Gory deaths"



*** edit ***

Done ! I added a option menu that gives the choice between soft sci-fi deaths and gory deaths ... Still need to polish it, but works already rfor male character for the moment.

I'll make a video when it's done.

Edited by TontonMayonnaise

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I went to download it, and it said I already have it. Did you make changes and upload with the same file name? That's a no-no. If people are trying to play this in coop, different players will have different versions with the same file name, and they won't be able to play it together. Use version numbers in the file name to make sure that doesn't happen.

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