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Open world games with dynamic quests?

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I had a cool thought for an open world style game where you might get a quest to do something like investigate a place and the outcome is randomized (like outcome A is that the place is good and helps the player but outcome B is that it's a bad trap). There could be many different variations of quests and random outcomes. Are there any games out there that are like this?

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To some extent, Elite: Dangerous is this. The jobs are randomly generated and random events can occur during said jobs, or just in general. The outcomes are predictable however, if only because the job just randomly failing for no good reason would be extremely frustrating. Outside of jobs, visiting various places (distress signals and etc) can generate random events.

It is, however, a game you have to get used it. You won't know if you like it in 5 minutes or even 30, you're in for the long haul, and you have to know how to make your own fun.

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