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Dear Hoplite

Renaming The Baddies

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I honestly think a few of the creatures in Freedoom need renaming.


The Flame bringer could be called the Pryo Iconoclast for example. It sounds much better than flame bringer. If anyone else has ideas, drop em here. Maybe the devs will see this!

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Is that really a rule, though? I liked Ray's spritework, but frankly always thought the names he gave things laughable.

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Well I thought the project leaders said something like that.


I didn't like some of Ray's monster names either, but one advantage of such a rule is that it prevents endless bikeshedding on the monster names.

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5 hours ago, elarmadillo3 said:

Isn't that what this whole site is about?

or the whole world, heh.

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Yeah alright. I'll throw a couple names out there and see if anything sticks.

If any of these catch on I might update my list.


Zombieman - Grunt, Light Patrol, 

Shotgunguy - Soldier, Enforcer, Infantry, Officer, 

Chaingunguy - Commander, Heavy Patrol, 

Imp - Serpent, Venomlisk, Cobradrake

Demon - Rotwurm, Infestor, Corruptulite

Spectre - Shade, Unseen, 

Lost Soul - Burning Soul, Apparition, Infernal, 

Pain Elemental - Net of Souls, Soultrap, 

Cacodemon - Ancient One, Hyperlisk

Hell Knight - Riptor, Vanguard, Fledgling

Baron of Hell - Overlord, Riptor Lord, Fledgling King

Mancubus - Grotesque, Sluggish Destroyer, Champion Slug,

Arachnotron - Gear Spider, Assault Spider, CentriSpider,

Revenant - Wraith, Darkling, Disruptor 

Archvile - Reanimator, Flame Lich

Cyberdemon - Colossus, Devastator, Great Destroyer, 

Mastermind - the Overseer, 




Edited by Voltcom9 : adding moar stuff

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I like a good portion of those names. These are my personal favorites:


Zombieman - Grunt

Chaingunguy - Enforcer (instead of the shotgunguy having this name)

Imp - Serpent

Demon - Rotworm (I see little reason to spell worm with a U)

Spectre - Shade

Lost Soul - Apparition

Hell Knight - Vanguard

Baron of Hell - Overlord

Revenant - Wraith

Cyberdemon - Colossus


I'm not too keen on the rest. I can't come up with any good names of my own at the moment.

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On 8/13/2018 at 4:10 AM, andrewj said:

I think the rule is: whoever makes the sprites for a monster gets to name it.

Whoever dealt it, named it?

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