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Posted (edited)

The Mancubus in Doom Eternal was redesigned to be closer to the original. The Archvile is back, possibly bumping its ersatz version Summoner back to the players' bench. The regular Imp was allegedly touched up a bit too (though I don't see the difference offhand and can't find the comparison picture).


id is well aware of what the player base thinks, and they simply must know that the 2016 Cyberdemon design was not liked a whole lot.


Should we expect a new Cyberdemon model that's closer to the 1993 original?



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Posted (edited)

I don't doubt it.  In fact I pretty much guarantee that we will see a new version of the CyberDemon/Balgar Warden.  If there was any monster in Doom 4 that got bullied by its looks, it was the poor Cyber Moose.  If you want to see a sneak peak I suggest at looking at the Art of Doom book.

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Regarding Arch-Vile and their bootleg version in 2016 I think the latter will be a sub-type to the arch-vile themselves, kinda like lesser arch-viles. For Cyb, there's no doubt about it I say.

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