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Doom Eternal interview with Gameinformer

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I just read this interview from a gaming site and read something terrifying. I'll just copy paste the point made then I just link the ULR.


Quote: You didn't go into multiplayer, SnapMap, or mods during your presentation. Can you talk to me about your plans for those things? Todd Howard took Escalation Studios, the team that made SnapMap. 

MS: Todd takes everyone. (laughs) 

I'll start with SnapMap. We decided to move away from it. We loved it and thought it was great, but it didn't scratch the itch we thought maybe it could for people. End Quote

DAMMIT!! I guess this means DOOM: ETERNAL will not have SnapMAP level editor tool-set!



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Yeah, they announced elsewhere there wont be Snapmap, they want to eventually do mod tools (Doom 2016's engine was not made with mod tools in mind, thus had no chance) and they are making their own PVP game mode in house instead of outsourcing. Invading someone else's singleplayer was NOT the PVP mode they said they are working on, so it might be a more traditional PVP mode.

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