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Share Your Editing Tips!

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I'm not too sure if this has been done before, but, anyway...


This thread is dedicated to tips that we can use when we're making Doom mods. Here's one from me, for example:

-When creating a mod with custom graphics, be sure to optimize your PNGs. By doing this, you can heavily reduce the file size of your WAD/PK3. There's a thread on the Zandronum forums (Which you can go to here) that'll teach you how to do this.


What tips do you guys have?

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There's been one for maps, but not necessarily the remainder of the important bits.


My tip: for ZDoom-specific mods, use a pk3 unless the wad file is very small.

Organize your files. If you can't find what you need quickly, you'll waste much time doing senseless searching.

Remove redundant files. Don't have multiple decorate.txt files or mapinfo.txt files or whatever. Condense them into a single file. This will save both space and time in the long run.

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Speaking of optimizing filesize, many people don't seem to know that Slade has a tool to remove unused patches & flats.

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