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Is the 8th Generation of gaming terrible?

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6 hours ago, PeterMoro said:

I know exactly what you mean. Great game, the best of that genre. (Dungeon-crawling?)


Better than D2? I dunno about that...

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8 hours ago, Vorpal said:


I'm currently losing every available free moment to Grim Dawn.


brief review that nobody asked for: cheap ($23 for it and all dlc when on sale), great music, great design, crap story, 99.99% clientside (aside from an option to save character to TEH CLOWD), bullshit nonlinearity once you get into act 2... it feels like I am exploring a mandelbrodt fractal.

I thrashed grimdawn good and proper last year (500+ hours). The end game was not as good as POE but the mods for it are absolutely amazing. Full Titan Quest mods, Diablo 2, and then Cornucopia which was a full rebalance with new skills, constellations etc. And THEN there is DAIL which was all of the best mods rolled into one compatible pack. 50 masteries can keep you going for a long time. Someone has even created a rift/end game maps mechanic

6 hours ago, Pegg said:

Nah it got boring fast after a while unless the updates saved it. I'd rather replay Diablo 2 or Path of exile for the one hundredth time ;p.

mods mods mods. But I do think POE is the better game

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On ‎8‎/‎15‎/‎2018 at 7:53 AM, Doge Sword said:

Games now are like 50,000,000x as good as the first few.

I only just saw this post, what do you mean by the 'first few'? Like the first few games ever made? If that's what you mean, even then it's debatable - I'd rather play pong with another person than the majority of games from any generation. If 'the first few' includes stuff as late as Tetris then doubly so.


Just as with every generation since, there was a mix of mind-blowingly fun games that you can sink countless hours into and awful crap you're tired of after a minute even back in the prehistoric era of gaming.

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I can't speak for 'mainstream' gaming, but indie games have never been better.  So many quality games you can buy for half the cost of triple A games and the quality is usually so far above anything mainstream why even bother?

I spend hundreds on my pcs and all I play are games that don't use a quarter of its resources :).

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