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one doom fan

rise of hell/base of the uac remake

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Posted (edited)

some of you might know the shitty base of the uac map.but im back and gonna make more maps!!!! doom 2 udmf 

/need project brutality 3.0/kinda a challenge kinda/if you have a question than just ask me/its in the works so it will change!!!



if somebody can tell me how to do fences that would be great 

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All I can do is to recommend you to see posr guidelines and show us screens of your map, first.

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Fences can be done different ways. Probably the most basic is to pick a texture that has transparent parts (midspace, midbars, etc.) and put that texture as the middle texture on a linedef where you want the fence. (So the fence has no actual thickness.) Then mark them as impassable. That would be vanilla anyway; I don't know what other fanciness UDMF might offer.

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In UDMF and ZDoom Hexen format you don't need to make the line completely impassable, you can make it a "3d midtex" which means that only the textured part of the middle is solid, the rest isn't.


As for the map itself, imo it looks pretty flat and square/orthogonal. Also there are several texture misalignments and misfits, that door should be inset into the wall a little bit and the area in front and behind it should have a ceiling height of 64, or whatever the height of that door texture is. Also maybe consider changing the texture on those pillars in the 3rd screenshot. And add more light and height variations.

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Posted (edited)

hey can someone please tell me if i can make the white in gzdoom builder black?


also some new screenshots 


and also theirs a timer on map02. can i get rid of it?

● rise of hell.wad (MAP03) - GZDoom Builder 8_25_2018 4_17_06 PM.png

● rise of hell.wad (MAP03) - GZDoom Builder 8_25_2018 4_17_21 PM.png

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