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Just for fun: Subtitles for hypothetical pwad sequels

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Plutonia 3: Now We Get To Make Another Pun In MAP32 To Tell You How Many Times You'll Be Fucked

Grezzo 3: We "Borrowed" More Assets

Too Many Super Shotguns 2: At This Particular Moment In Time I Don't Believe I Have A Healthier Or More Deeply Felt Respect For Any Object In The Universe Than This Here Shotgun1657216166_Screenshot_20180913-164617_SamsungInternet.jpg.a502924f57b7f12e78a3599951f0f6f8.jpg

Reelism 2: Twice As Many Snarky Comments

Hideous Destructor 2: Just Move To ARMA 3 Already Dipshit

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Urania 2: Prepare Uranus

Community Chest 5: It Will Never Start

Crimson Canyon 2: The Tampon Incident

Swim with the Whales 2: Yo Momma on a Floatie

Absolute Dishonor 2: Public spanking in front of your whole family and cat

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I'm quite partial to the idea of having "Another" map.  Probably because my map names would lend themselves to that format. For example:

Another Twisted Tale

Another Godforsaken Hole


Also, more in the spirit of the thread:


For The Hell Of It 2: Why The Hell Not?

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On 8/16/2018 at 8:14 PM, Not Jabba said:

Speed of Doom 2 would forego the subtitle altogether and style itself as "2 Speed 2 Doom"


Nice one haha. 

So Speed of doom 3 would be what? Pinky drift? 

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2 Speed 2 Doom

Speed of Doom: Phobos Drift

Speed 4 Doom

Speedy 5 

Doomy Speed 6 

Speedy 7

The Fate of the Speedy Doom


Khorus’ Speedy Shit 2: The Speedening

Khorus’ Speedy Shit 3: Endspeed

Khorus’ Speedy Shit 4: The Search for Speed

Khorus’ Speedy Shit 5: The Shitty Speed


50 Shades of STARTAN


HDoom 2: Legend of the Cyberdemon Womb (wait what)


Suspended in Dusk: Now Suspended in Even More Dusk


Doom Eternal V: Eternal Doom


Coffee Break 2: I Take It Black

Coffee Break 3: Decaffeinated

Coffee Break 4: Toilet Break (crossover pls)


No End in Sight 2: We Lied, There Is An End


Interception 2: The Pick-Six

Interception 3: Touchdown


Double Impact II: Quadruple Impact

Double Impact III: Octuple Impact


Going Down 2: Going Up

Going Down 3: Going Back Down

Going Down 4: Whee I’m In An Elevator

Going Down 5: Now The Elevator’s Stuck


Swift Death 2: Quick & Painless Death

Swift Death 3: Slow & Painful Death

Swift Death 4: Megadeth


Cyberdreams: Do Cybies Dream of Electric Imps?

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Mordeth V: 2099

32-in-24: It's really 96-in-72 if you think about it hard enough

100,000 Revenants and 1 Dalmatian

The Ghoul's Forest IV: Logger's Nightmare

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Hellebarde 2 time to die doomguy.  Dark tartarus 2 here is your death.      Exomoon 2  toxic x.       .struggle antaresian legacy 2 doomguy loves his hammer.         Defiler 2 demons of death.       Herian 3 magic of the wizard.       Moonblood 2 blood space.            Slaughter fest 2014.            Swim with the whales 2 blood version.       Tnsc2008.        TT!zone-Season2 doomguys return to maddes.    Zones of fear 2 more detailed maps.

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The Ultimate DOOM 3

The Ultimate DOOM 3: BFG Edition

The Ultimate DOOM 2016

The Ultimate DOOM Eternal

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