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Just for fun: Subtitles for hypothetical pwad sequels

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Obituary 2: Son of Obituary

Sunlust 2: Lust Harder

Grezzo 3: Let's Not And Say We Did


Anyone got any others?

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  • The Plutonia Experiment 3: Return of the Cassalis.
  • Plutonia 2 Revisited: If it Ain't Broken Don't Fix It.
  • Kama Sutra 2: Please Contain Your Orgasms.



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Back to Saturn X Episode 3: Instructions to the Rusty Time Machine

...Oh wait

Edited by Catpho

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Whispers of Satan 2: Primal Scream

Demons of Problematique 3:  Demonios de Prolematico 

Pirate Doom 2:  Dead Cyberdemon's Chest

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  • Coffee Break 2: Time for Tea
  • Eternal Final Ultimate Doom: Hell on your Hard Drive
  • Whispers of Satan 2: I only confide in Belephegor
  • Tangerine Nightmare 2: Pink is the new Tangerine

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Maskim Xul 2: Electric Shuggothaloo

Counterattack 2: Counter-Counterattack

The Given 2: The Gotten

The Given 3: No Take-Backsies

Toilet of the Gods: Back 2 the Shitter

Going Down 2: Coming Up

Going Down 3: Back Down

Going Down 4: Actually Just Gonna Stick with Moving Horizontally This Time

JPCP2: Gaiden

Doom: The Movie: The Official Novelization: The Game


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Hell Revealed 3 : Just more cybies to defeat.

Swift Death 2 : no time to blink.

3 heures d'agonie 4 : The frogs are back

Tangerine Nightmare 2 : but without orange



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Batman Doom v Superman Doom: Doom of Justice

Adventures of Square²

Requiem 2: This Time It Really Will Be The Community's Swan Song, Wait No It's In Full Swing Again

Elf Gets Pissed 2: Vikings and Wizard Get Disgruntled

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Knee Deep in ZDoom 2: Phobos Anomaly ZBorn

Eternal Doom IV 2: Look, If We Called It "Eternal Doom 5" Then Things Would Get Even More Confusing

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Alien Vendetta 2: Alien Omerta

Hell Revealed III: Hell Reveals All

Going Down 2: Going Downer

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Plutonia 4 : Back in your hole.. ... wait... that exists


Plutonia 5: More Rage

Icarus 2: Doomguy In Space, Again...

Chillax 2: More Pain


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Panophobia II: How to Break a Dobu.

Struggle II: Help, please.

32in24-17: How the Hamburglar Stole 32in24

MAYhem 2019: Not in May, or 2019 for that matter.

Baculus II: Baculus Rift

Maskim Xul II: So do you have a copy of Masters of Doom here or what

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Knee Deep in ZDoom: Vanilla Edition
Double Impact 2: Quad impact
Tech Gone Bad 2: Now with even more floor cracks!

Edited by DMPhobos : Doom the way 'Doom the way id did', did was already suggested lol

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7 hours ago, SiFi270 said:

Epic 3: Hey Remember When "Epic" Was A Word You Could Use Unironically?

Okay, this is Epic.

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