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"The Old Fragger" - Bloodborne Inspired DOOM Art

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Artwork was done by the extremely talented Laura Nardoni, aka "Ardat Lilitu" on commission as banner art for our upcoming "Team TOF (The Old Fraggers)" Quake & DOOM competitive clan. Laura has done quite a bit of DOOM artwork (and other games) that you've likely seen some of her work has been displayed on id/doom official social media pages, art competitions at Quakecon, etc). 

Can check out her portfolios (or even if you have a request for a design) here:

The design for this piece was inspired by another of my favorite games, Bloodborne (and of course Dark Souls). Specifically, the promo art for "Bloodborne: The Old Hunters" DLC. The art was to reflect my favorite game series (DOOM), my favorite character of both DOOM and Quake 3 Arena/Champions (Doom Marine/Slayer), and my favorite Q3A/QC weapon (The Rocket Launcher, and specifically chose the q3a RL as it is the most iconic and distinguishable of all RL's)

unfinished concept, BW, No text


Draft design

detailing draft

odborne The Old Hunters (original design inspiration)


Finished, colorized, text

Finished, BW, text


Finished, BW, No text


Finished, colorized, no text


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