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Playing the game with zero expectation and my thoughts so far

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Last thread! When this game hits stores, i'll be playing the game with zero expectations. If you play the game with expectations, you probably gonna be a little bit disappointed. Thoughts about Doom Eternal.... It's actually way better than DOOM 2016 so far. I like the part where demons are roaming around the map instead of sitting there waiting for you in one small room, that's the only thing that i don't like in DOOM 2016...... Yeah, that's about it. LOL!!! ... And oh! do you guys realized there are two different mods for the Super Shot Gun... The one in the first teaser is like a legit bayonet, it looks like a horn or spike, nothing like the Meat Hook...

So yeah, i wish The ID Software team for the best! \( O w O)/

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