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Spear of Destiny blue disc release?

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Check the pics. Anyone know what this version is? Searches on google turn up nothing. Not for sale on amazon or ebay. The back says 1994 but as far as i can tell its not from the Super CD pack, which is the only release i could find out about from 1994...




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Posted (edited)

This is a budget retail release from a range that I like to refer to as the "FormGen jewel case series".  I wrote more information about that here.


These jewel cases were standalone re-releases, i.e. they did not come in big boxes.  There are also two other CD releases of Spear of Destiny:  There's one in a regular big box that contains only the base game (the disc is in a paper sleeve in the box, according to the OGDB site), and one in a two-piece box that contains the base game plus both accessory missions (the Super CD Pack).


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