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If you had to pick one game as the polar opposite to Doom, what would it be?

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It's definitely not chess - the enemies are basically pawns with specific movements and means of attack, you have to calculate various factors to make the most effective kills and I'm sure there are other parallels to be drawn.


I get the choice of a Dora game, it's pretty much opposite tonally and where Doom is fun and full of action, I can wager a Dora game would be neither.


I'm interested to hear elaboration on Myst as an answer, that could be interesting.


I'm struggling to think of an answer here, personally. Some important key factors would be slow movement, bad music, no killing or violent combat whatsoever. I can think of plenty of games that have the first two down-pat but even most shitty games feature some kind of fighting or killing, even in a G rated sense.


lol I love thinking about pointless things like this, very amusing, curios to see what others will pick

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Myst won't be if we take Doom PWADs into account. There are monsterless puzzle maps like "The Given" that are sorta similar to Myst.

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Operation. Instead of carrying around something that shoots things dead, you use something intended to save a patient's "life". In Doom, you run around reacting to the slightest sound or movement and shoot anything that moves, and some things that don't. In Operation, you have to be as still as possible and concentrate as hard as possible, tuning out everything else and try not to be distracted as you extract the item without touching the sides, or BUZZ!

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Monster Girl Quest Paradox since Luka is too damm Badass than anything i see + the Labirynth of Chaos the most BS and RNG Mode as Pos Game


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What kind of game is Doom? At its core, it's one of real-time action from a first person perspective.


So for the opposite I'd pick something like Civilization. Turn-based strategy from a god's eye view.

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So, a game where you have to ponder your next step carefully, negotiate peacefully with others to achieve your aims, and isn't a first person 3D computer game.


I'm thinking Diplomacy perhaps, or maybe Monopoly.

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My first thought was some un-fun edutainment game for kids, but I hadn't decided on which one since at least some edutainment games did manage the "fun" part.


Then I remembered that Facade is a thing that exists, and yeah, I'm going to go with Facade, even if it does also operate from a first-person view.

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Tricky to say, because Doom allows for so many different play-styles and mapping styles. How do you have a polar opposite of something that encompasses such a broad range?


Perhaps something that has little in the way of clear-cut objectives, is extremely open-ended, requires a high degree of teamwork and group decision-making, and little in the way of taking calculated risks. Another way to tackle it would be to determine which games have very little overlap in their communities.


I'm also tempted to say some of those god-awful games millions of phombies play on their dumbphones. And patience/solitaire - yes, there's an "objective" of sorts, but it's completely facile, and essentially just chewing gum for the brain. Ditto for people who play sudoko but only the trivially easy ones, so it's basically just filling in the numbers. Or that farm thing on Facebook, if you can call it a game.


Actually, I a friend of mine once invented a "game" called Accountants Squares. Get a huge piece of graph paper. I mean really huge, with tiny squares. Players take turns to fill in one little square. Whoever fills in the last square wins. Or loses. I dunno, I suppose you call a meeting to decide who has won.

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Honestly, I think Myst is the right answer, including the entire rest of the series. Nearly impossible to die, encouraged to take things slow and write down notes, work out puzzles based on the environment.


I think the first Myst is probably a bit too easy. It's not unreasonable to complete the game (first time players) without actually writing down notes, though it certainly helps especially for those that have a hard time remembering little bits of trivia.


The second game, Riven, is even more difficult than the first. Owed to being a much longer game, but the puzzles are much more intricate. Clues spread across multiple journals and you even have to


work out numbers in its own base-25 system to complete the game.


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At it's core Doom is action packed, fast paced, FPS with a clear hierarchy of enemies, slow pacing is discouraged because it slumps gameplay, metal inspired soundtrack, non linear level design (sorta) and requires fast thinking from the player in the heat of battle, wich fights you choose, wich weapon is more suitable for certain types of situations, when infighting helps and when is a liability, is it worth it to risk being near death just to grab a Medkit guarded by a pack of medium level enemies. Doomguy is a space marine  and a man of action and relishes violence and mayhem, also an avatar only represented by marine sprites and status bar face, with no personality and voice because it's suppoused to be you, the story is so simple it's an excuse plot, the game is set in the future outside Earth, takes place at first in the moons of Mars then hell, another universe.


I guess Hitman Silent Assassin is the polar opposite because the game is in Third Person, not fast paced, requires and rewards careful planning, stealth, mild puzzle solving and deeper understanding of your environment (dispossing of corpses in places where nobody will find them, disguises to avoid detection, wich weapons are not going to get detected by metal detectors and guards when they search your body, poisoning food, NPC movements and actions, etc) engaging in violence and killing everyone is not discouraged but it detracts from the game and the way is suppoused to feel and play, enemies don't have a hierarchy in gameplay behavior or properties, there are NPCs who are neutral to you and your enemies, unlike Doom where everyone who isn't you, is hostile, enemies and neutrals react to their environment when Doom's monsters doesn't react to the death of their buddies, they remain dormant when a player isn't spotted or they hear player's gunfire (and punching the air),  infiltration is impossible outside NOTARGET cheat from console of some source ports.

Hitman II soundtrack is not metal but orchestral and ambient like. Codename 47, the protagonist has a name, a voice and distinctive appearance and personality, it's bald and dresses sharply, it's not an action guy, but a professional assassin. The game's setting is more grounded in reality because it takes place in Earth, early 21st century, 47 even if its a clone bred to be a natural born killer, that's not important to the plot because that comes from the first game. The Plot is not an excuse as it is far more developed and is integrated into the story. 


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Depression Quest.



Levels: yes : no

Graphics: yes : no

Cheat codes: yes : no

Images of pop culture: no : yes

Gameplay: yes : no

Multiple endings: no : yes

Multiple people developing it: yes : no

Guns: yes : no

Monsters: yes : no

Fun: yes : no

Depressing: no : yes

DOS: yes : no

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