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Nutcase suffers from having too many spacious areas and very few hitscanners. I can quite easily run through the whole map without firing a single shot:



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this level is intended for classic doom level of difficulty, I can't make difficult map 100% of the time. Besides, you still require good RNG to complete the demo (revenant low damage roll, hitscanners not shooting you at 15 HP, mancubus moving out of the way in thin hall), any way thanks for feedback, now UV has "surprise" in the exit room to slow player down

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You can compare to Map02 of Doom 2... It is overall much easier than your level, and yet it doesn't allow simply running through. The monsters are placed in a way that motivates the player to actually fight them. I think you should strive to achieve a similar feeling.

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UPDATE new version:


-keys are now in small caves with mancubi on top of them


-exit room is filled with enemies and arch vile on UV (to give monsters a chance to catch up/stop player from getting out without finding enough ammo)


-some textures aligned

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