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Does anyone remember doom history series on youtube.

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Forgive me if this has been answered elsewhere. There used to be this very old (circa 2009) video series on youtube that documented various oddities and changes across each version of doom 1. I've been trying to find it to no avail. Apparently it's been a long while since it disappeared. All I remember is that it was called "doom history" or so. So I'm wondering if anyone of you knows what I'm talking about and if there's any way to find them again, or maybe I'm dumb and it's still there. Thanks.

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No. And by versions I mean v1.1, v1.2, etc. It wasn't narrated, and as I said, it was uploaded long ago. I'm not sure when but it's definitively older than 2009. What I remember the most was a demonstration of various bugs related to a switch in early versions of the donut thingy in e1m3.

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Doom Historic was a great series of videos. I’m happy to see they’re still preserved somewhere—I thought they were gone for good when they were removed from YouTube.

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