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Hey Guys! I'm new to DoomWorld!

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My name is Davidfourfour. I am a long time player of doom for the last 13 years. I am 26 now. On and off of course, I had not been playing multiplayer mode very often but I always enjoyed the game itself. It is an American cultural icon in my opinion with globalized attributes that I find wonderful. I have been able to make friends with people from around the world because of this game. My Doom2 server is on Zdaemon and is called "David's Retro Cave". It is Doom2 without mods or PWads. I hope to see yall on ZDaemon whether the server may be. I hope to not sound like i'm spamming. If so I apologize. I look forward to meeting everyone and being a lively participant in the Doomworld community. Thankfully and with wishes to frag many monsters, David.

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This isn't spam, don't worry. Welcome aboard, hope you meet new Doomers to play with. Here's a popular Discord where you may be able to find others: https://discord.gg/gsVSHGK


I'm a regular on ZDaemon and Zand, hope to see you there.

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Welcome sir! It's nice that you introduced yourself. Are you pumped for the new Doom?

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