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Viscra Maelstrom

Doomed To Score - 50 Track MIDI Album

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Posted (edited)

so, while working on my close-to-finished hardcore album, i got an idea to round up a selection of MIDI tracks i've made over the past 6 years, and compile the best ones into an album.


the result ended up in a 50 track album, consisting of nearly 3 hours of music. i'm fairly happy with the selection that's on offer, as it shows a wide variety of musical themes and moods. 


you can download and stream the album on my Bandcamp. as a bonus, MIDI files for all the tracks are included if you download it!



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Epic sounding midis you got there! I wonder if there is a good repository for midis around? I have a bunch of old ones that I would like to put somewhere.

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I haven't given them an extensive listen yet, but already want to thank you for putting them up on bandcamp. More artists on Doomworld should do this, because most of the output here is on par with professional artists.

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