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Random Glitches


Posted (edited)

Hello, Doomguys and Doomgirls!
I've been making a mod for a month now, and during the editing time I encountered a tons of examples of a "glitch" that I don't know the source of. Basically as you can see on the pictures below, I'm making houses, and in most of the cases a glitch appeares on a random location. The only way I could find to make it look normal again is to make a sector that forms the exact shape the glitch does, or just put a random linedef in the territory, so the glitch (hopefully) disappears - however sometimes makes another ones.

I have no idea what causes it, and I couldn't really find any solution on the internet about it. If you've encountered anything like this before, or perhaps know something about it and you wanna help, I thank you very much. C:






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It's a nodebuilder error. Randomly moving vertices or adding/removing linedefs in the affected area is all that can be done about it.

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