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Hello, Doom  fans, and modders,

I've been having couple ideas lately, And I've decided to post them here to see what you think!


For a while now, I've been thinking about older guns used around the western times,

And I've been thinking about making a western Doom mod for a while now,

Using weapons such as Knives, Revolvers, Coach guns, And replacing the tech weapons, (Probably With rifles,)

It will be set in the 1880's, (Probably,)

I've been thinking about reloading functionality, but that might not happen,

I've JUST started to work on in,

(My profile pic is just the start.)


The name will probably be based on the story,

1, Project West. (Working title,) Once again, based in the 1880's, blah blah blah, bandits, blah, bla...

2, "The Day Of The Damned," (Most likely to be chosen, And the same year,) You've murdered an innocent man in cold blood, and guess what?

to make up for it, the damned, have come back from hell, with their demon friends with the man you killed as their leader...


If you like my ideas, lemme know, Also, If you think I should edit a thing or two, or suggest a name for it,

Lemme know aswell, :D Thanks!


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