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GZ Doombuilder - Slope Delta?


This is going to sound weird, maybe i don't have the right language... but is there a way to make a delta slope of sorts?

As in set up 2 plain_align's and then set up a slope on those?

Basically the issue I'm wanting to solve is probably better described with pictures.

in the second shot i'm looking to go from one angle to another, and I just cant seem to figure out a way to get it to do what i want, and I can't seem to find more detailed tutorials or discussions for this particular problem so i'm starting to wonder if its even possible.

also Just wanted to say thank's to people who answered my fractal question :)

(warning, couldn't figure out how to do a thumbnail with the new doom-worlds forums yet :s, so pictures dimensions are huge :s sorry!)





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A curved slope is a very complicated shape. You could try cutting it into small triangles and using vertex slopes, but tweaking the height of all those vertices would take ages. You would be better off having it all one height, or having it be higher steps next to the steps.

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Correct me if I'm wrong but it looks like your trying to create a curved edging to follow the stairs like this835221007_Megawadat2018_08.2120-41-32.108R3039.jpg.6e70470ff5700ee3a94ea261d67371b0.jpg2061040035_Megawadat2018_08.2120-42-47.204R3039.jpg.5153baa437177ecb0c8855c9406d8bf6.jpg


Which I did by linking the opposing vertexes to create sectors to incrementally change the direction of the slope


It's not 100% perfect but the finished product is pretty good.

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