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WADs and Mods FAQ

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New projects
Q. I have a new megawad project. Can I post here asking for help?

A. Yes, but don't expect any. Everyone is busy doing their own thing, or helping out some of the big names in the mapping/mod scene on their next big thing.

Q. Okay... So, um, what do I do to get some help around here?

A. Work on it yourself, release a really polished demo, then there's a possibility that someone might want to help you out.

Q. You're sounding pretty negative there.

A. Just speaking from experience here. Even after you release a polished demo, you're still unlikely to get help, so go work on some of those next big things by the experienced mappers. The more practice you have and the more you make yourself known, the better your chances of getting your "├╝ber 32-level ultra mega wad with the best story and features not even invented yet" getting some extra help to complete it.

Finding those WADs/mods
Q.Where can I fi-

A.Before you finish that question, answer me this: did you check Doom Search? There's a pretty good chance you'll find whatever you're after there. If not, go ahead and ask away.

Feel free to add to this FAQ.

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