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SOSUvania Double Pack! Schiff.WAD + PMAD 1 1/2

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SOSUvania Double Pack is a Heretic WAD combining two works of mine,Schiff.WAD a small ship map and PMAD 11/2 a pseudo sequel of my older PMAD with 3 maps all made in one day and a half.


It's a vanilla WAD tested in Chocolate Heretic and (G)ZDoom (Schiff.WAD has a small glitch in the back of the ship in vanilla)
It features 4 maps divided into episodes,Schiff.WAD is featured in episode 1 as E1M1 whereas the PMAD 11/2 maps are featured in episode 2 as E2M1,M2 and M3.

It has skill levels.

The maps were made with wand-start in mind.








Thanks for playing!

Edited by SOSU

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Accidentaly made the download link link to my mediafire folder,changed it now lol.

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