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Multiplayer Doom Federation CTF Remix #1

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Remember that map that you loved but nobody else did? It may be that your favorite map needs a small tweak to make it popular amongst all your friends; or, it may be that your favorite map needs some serious changes to make it playable. Now is your chance.


The goal of this project is to take CTF maps that have fallen by the wayside within our favorite CTF wads, and give them a much needed tune up. Once you’ve chosen a map, you need to decide whether it needs something as simple as moving around a switch that opens a gate, changing weapon placement, or even to completely redesign the middle.


Now, because of the nature of the way we enjoy CTF in this day and age, we don’t want to take a large map and make it larger. We want to make any map, large or small, suitable for 3v3 play. You may have an idea to change a map that can comfortably fit 16 players to a map that can’t fit more than 6. There are no limits to the type of map you can choose to remix. We want any remixed map to be first and foremost compatible with Zandronum.


Anyone may participate in this project. You can post which maps you’ve chosen or you can send that info as well as any submissions to me. The easiest way to do all of this is on our DISCORD SERVER. If you are against the Discord corporate takeover, forum PM works as well.


Remixed maps have the potential to be used as the maplist for a proposed CTF event entitled “Vengeance”, a round robin style tournament where the winning teams are determined by number of flags and not number of rounds.

Acceptable WAD List: 8bitctf32in24-432in24-732in24-1232in24-16crazyctf2CupCTF, EnzuigiriCTFFancyCTFGrotesqueCTF, Hysteric CTF, Jad's CTFMadCTF, OSCTFOdaCTF, ProCTF, RageCTF, SmartCTFRFACTFTLSXCTF, TokeCTF, Velocity CTF X, ZDCTFMP1, ZDCTFMP2, ZDCTFMP3, ZDECTFMP3ZDUCTF, Zodiac CTF


Deadline: September 30th, 2018


MAP01 - Grotesque Map04 - HumanBones

MAP02 - ZDCTF24 - Zakken

MAP03 - Velocity 02 - Decay

MAP04 - 32in24-4 Map09 - Razgriz

MAP05 - X

etc etc..

Edited by HumanBones

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