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Doom GBA in 10 minutes. The First full Speedrun Documentary

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Posted (edited)

Above is the original discussion thread started for the Doom GBA Speedrun discoveries, which is now a comprehensive documentary film!  I've worked almost a year to bring Doom to this low of a time on GBA, and this is the complete story of how it happened. The History of the ports, the source code, and the 2 glitches that changed speedrunning.
I think I phrased it best on reddit..

I'm having fun finding new ways to make this hunk of junk go fast. My biggest hope is that some would find intrigue by the games discoveries.. crazy most of it was unknown for over 2 decades.

It really shows that as much as you think you know a game, there is always more to find, don't stop looking.

10 will happen eventually...

Until then, I hope you all enjoy the documentary! :)




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Nice.  This is such a cool idea.  GBA Doom will always have a special place in my heart.  Having the ability to play a port of Doom on the go was just so incredible way back when.


I'll be watching as soon as the missus goes to work!

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Just by looking how broken the GBA Doom is, it makes me think one can run through walls without the RL if you do the 'walless' trick. Should be possible with aligned wall near you at least. Haven't ever played it though.


Does Nightmare! increase the HP of enemies on GBA?

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