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Doom Slayer Chronicles: Release date confirmed (01/09/2018)

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Hi there!
We have come a long way and are now ready to confirm the release date of Doom Slayer Chronicles on 01-09-2018.
As a mod author, I want to thank our entire team for their invaluable assistance in the development.
X --> 0, Blackmore1014, D_SMILE, KoD_Connect, my friends, without you - it would be impossible!
The distributive of Doom Slayer Chronicles will include the GZDoom engine 3.5x64 Modern (minimum supported version) and the basic HD texture pack without PBR materials.
Separately will be available for download:
- DSCmaterialPack - PBR materials for basic HD textures.
- DSClowResTexturesPack-standard resolution textures (for systems with low performance).
- DSClowResMaterialPack-PBR materials for low resolution textures.

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In the first age... in the first... eh, I forgot the rest. ><


And thus, the shadow horde were routed!


Looks awesome!!!! :)

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