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Kattelox Island

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KATTELOX ISLAND is a recreation of the entire Megaman Legends map using Doom 64 aesthetics.


It was put together mixing Super Doom 64, assorted Realm667 resources and by manually copying Megaman Legends itself.

The focus of the game is exploration and combat. After the brief introductory map, you arrive at a massive island featuring a walled central city, sprawling natural areas, and a huge underground techno-ruins complex. Your goal is to get to the Main Gate and shut all systems down.

You will be visiting forest-like grassy open areas, water zones, city quarters, and technologically themed tunnels. By uncovering secrets you will increase your durability and firepower. Most of the enemies and weapons are from Doom 64, but there are a number of surprises.


If you enjoy a map which presents itself as a world for you to explore, you will find yourself at home.

If you enjoy a good fight which requires you to be either thoughtful or very daring, you should like this as well, though this is no slaughter-map.


In some underground areas, the level of detail is fairly low in order to stay reasonably loyal to the source material, which may turn some people off. I meant to improve this but the map is already big enough that if I make modifications I risk getting broken sectors and graphic holes elsewhere! However, the feeling of dread and hollowness in some such underground areas are what made the original game a little bit creepy, sort of like an abandoned empty cellar.


If the difficulty is too great, you can normally think strategically rather than facing the enemies head on to win, or you can explore other areas for additional resources. It is harder than vanilla Doom but it is not designed to be hardcore.



I have tested this on GZdoom and Zandronum

Jumping is required

Two secrets are designed with rocket-jumping in mind

Please begin at Map06, the intro level

Do NOT mix with any addons!

Use the Doom2 Iwad


Any and all feedback is welcome. This is my first project and it is, well, ambitious.


I created this as a tribute to a dead series and for a former friend of mine that is very regretfull no longer on speaking terms with me.

If at least one person out there enjoys this, I will consider myself satisfied.












Updated: 26.08.2018

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