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Any Wad/Mod Recommendations?

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Sorry if this has been posted before, but I'm lookin for wads and mods to use, any recommendations? Packs are fine too.

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Posted (edited)

It depends on what you are looking for, but there are some recommendations :P




D4T Deathcrucible: A Wad that emulates the doom 4 in doom 2


Brutal Doom: Some Generic, But If You Want A One Doom With More Blood, This Is One


Proyect Brutality: Same that brutal doom, but have new enemies, and new weapons, that scale as advances


Complex Doom: personally i dont like this mod, but but if you like it here it is, have new weapons, new weapons, and with the addon of the legendary monsters some are very toughter bosses


Smooth Doom: Vanilla Doom, With Better Animations




Scythe 2: Awesome Wad, With 2 New Monsters Made With Dehacked, Have Maps Of Hell, Tech, And Jungle!, but Is Some Difficulty


Alien Vendetta: A Classic, With Awesome Music, Is A Great Wad


Chillax? xD: A Very Hard Wad, better know like slaughter wad, Great For The Coop :P


Hell On Earth Started Pack: A Wad that compiles Doom 1 And 2 With New Bosses Remakes Of Original bosses Compatible With Brutal Doom


Hellcore 2.0: A Wad Of 11 Maps, Which is very exciting since some maps are quite different from each other, getting into an atmosphere of demonic invasion with a suspense style


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