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Doom 1 & 2 on Android!

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hi i'm new and i found out through this website:


[Link removed due to copyright]


that you could use the Freedom port to play the original.. I took it one step further and ported it to the android app verson of freedoom!


(p.s i know almost anyone with common knowledge of how the ports work will now this,but some people don't (like me)

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Two things:


1) You shouldn't post links to pirated software (distributing the official IWADs is illegal).


2) You can already play in Android via Delta Touch.

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i used the freedoom app and ported the doom 1 & 2 wads from my computer to the freedom app directory,and i was able to run both wads using the Freedoom port

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Delta Touch is the recommended app to play Doom on Android, as it features a choice of popular engines you can use (Chocolate for purists, PrBoom+ for the demo scene, GZDoom for complex mods, etc.) and it can also play (with Choco and GZDoom engines) the other idtech 1 games (Heretic, Hexen, Strife, an so on).


But if you hacked a Freedoom app to play the original instead, it's cool too. Just know there's a more polished alternative available. And don't link to free downloads of commercial IWADs. The games are cheap enough on GOG or Steam, and with Delta Touch you can play several other free games besides Freedoom, such as Action Doom II, Harmony, Chex Quest 3, or the Adventures of Square.

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