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Adding Custom textures to existing wad



This may seem like an obvious question, but I'm a beginner mapper and I can't find any decent information on how to import custom textures to a pre-built doom 2 map.


I know how to add custom monsters via Slade 3. Quite easy. Is the process for custom textures similar? Is there a way to add textures in bulk without having to individually write actor numbers for each one (as with custom monsters). 


What I am aiming to do is import a custom texture pack (Epic 2 texture pack, for example) into a wad via Slade without replacing any of the Vanilla textures. 


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here's my answer copy/pasted from a different post from a while ago

im gonna put this on my profile so i never lose it again since it took 10 years to find it


"in SLADE, look at the top toolbar for an option to set a base resource archive, and set it to doom2.wad (not doom 1).

then create P_START and P_END markers by creating new entries (using the top toolbar) and place all your individual desired textures (such as from the doom 1 texture pack) in between said markers.


next, select all your custom textures and right click them and go graphics->add to pnames. create a new import resource archive and select import from base. then reselect the textures and right click and do graphics->add to texturex. save your wad. all done c:"

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