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Boom Mapping Tutorials


Are there any good tutorials that demonstrate the features Boom offers for maps?

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Posted (edited)

You might not consider it a tutorial, but this is the map Jim Flynn made to demonstrate the new features of Boom. It's what I used to get started with Boom.


Boom Edit Example Wad by Jim Flynn


Edit: I completely forgot to mention the Tutorials section of Doomworld, which also contains a number of tutorials that may interest you.


HTML Boom Reference by Fraggle (also linked in this thread from Doomworld)

Basic Conveyor Belts by Fonze

Boom Lighting Guide by Urthar

Sliding Doors in Boom by Urthar

Faux-3D Door in Boom by Rayziik

Edited by Pegleg : Added tutorials from Doomworld's tutorials section.

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