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Innermost - single map in a marble citadel (Boom+)

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Single map set in a marble citadel, for Boom+.
The gimmick here is that all the monsters are spectral, be advised.


Gameplay: Single player. 
Build time: 20 hours.
Difficulty settings: Yes.
Credits: Textures are from cc4-tex, sky from Mechadon's Box o skies.



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I despise spectral monsters. If I disable that feature, will the map become too trivial?

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Early autumn vibes! That's one way of ramping up the challenge, although combat itself is pretty hectic. Despite spectres - i'd say that the map is manageable to go through without saves, once you get a hang on fighting cyberspectre.

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On this map is not such a diverse visuals, but pleasantly unique atmosphere. Despite the fact that the invisibility of the monsters had to create significant difficulties, most enemies are placed by way that almost all battles can be easily avoided, leaving the enemies to hang around on a map and fight with each other. So I did this all the time :3 ... I can not say anything bad about the balance, because I wasn't feel any deficit. In general, it was nice to go over this marble sanctuary and fool a huge army of monsters.


Doom_Font_Green_Arrow.png First Demo Attempt - ZDoom 2.8.1, 4 mins

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