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Best Map in Ultimate Doom - Poll #2 active (Unruly Evil v Hell Keep)

Match #2 - Which of these maps is better to you?  

12 members have voted

This poll is closed to new votes
  1. 2. McGee's representation of a hell keep versus Petersen's representation.

    • E4M4: Unruly Evil
    • E3M1: Hell Keep

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  • Poll closed on 08/31/18 at 07:30 PM

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Posted (edited)

Has the Doom community has changed their opinions on maps? I remember Containment Area winning a similar tournament, but maybe enough time has passed for a different winner.


It's a simple format - I put each map into a bracket and randomized their places. The result? There are 4 polls before the round of 16 can commence as there's 36 maps, not 32, but it's a single stage elimination format until we get one true winner.


After each IWAD has been done and dusted (Doom, Doom II, Final Dooms), top 8 maps from each one will battle it out in the quest for the Ultimate Doom map (pun intended).


Today, the 30th of August, the question is: Unruly Evil or Hell Keep?


Unruly Evil has a lot of opinions. As some hail it for being a breather map in the terror that is E4 and for its nice design which sticks out from the rest of the episode, it's also disliked by many people for feeling like a filler map with no standout, being out of place and just easy in general. 


Meanwhile, Hell Keep is a kick in the balls for most of the modern maps - monodirectional encounters, weird design decisions and decor spam in one room, but some argue it achieve what it wanted to achieve - welcome the player to hell. It's unlike anything seen yet, and it defies common sense, which is why some herald it as a great map.


Who wins?



29th of August: Phobos Lab 8 - 4 Spawning Vats



Phobos Lab is widely regarded as one of the best KDiTD maps, and it pretty much encapsulates the best of the episode. It's very fun and introduces various aspects to the player, such as light goggles (correct me if I'm wrong) and usable teleporters. There's also a lot of trademark monster closets keeping you on the edge of your seats.

Meanwhile, Spawning Vats might be seen as Tom Hall's magnum opus, as it's his most expansive map along with Containment Area. As with Phobos Lab, it kinda encapsulates The Shores of Hell in one map, putting Hell and KDiTD into one big map. Arguably the first Doom level created, and one of the better music pieces in UDoom, it's a very important level in Doom history.


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