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birthday map v2

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5 hours ago, Bushpig2dope said:

I feel like I'm missing some serious context


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Posted (edited)

I think, it's dog's birthday map. But even with that, bonnie should provide crucial information about map. 

Edit - I'm wrong at first half, but still second half applies to avoid confusion. 

Edited by Myst.Haruko

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45 minutes ago, SOSU said:


You walked into that one @bonnie

I don't think you could even call your post minimalist in the way that rdwpa has defended recently.


Nice dog, though.

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updated: birthdayv2.zip

tweaked balance and altered ending + added crucial notes to the .txt file


4 hours ago, Pegleg said:

You walked into that one @bonnie

no? no not really at all?


notes added to the .txt file:


-complevel 9
-glboom+ highly recommended to avoid massive slimetrails that i just couldn't fix
-cheating may cause crashes and oddities
-if you're confused, use your automap c;
-make every shot count
-be creative in your exploring, almost everything has a purpose and many seemingly decorative objects can be interacted with in some way
  -look out for clues
  -general progress for the most part does not require this, but it will help immensely
-two super-secrets, can you find them? (without cheating of course)


(really only one super secret, but i guess you could consider the other one a super-secret)

also reminder to not use zdoom as you will experience a pretty massively serious glaring issue

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